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Clean Master
Click:10793   Time:2015-07-09
What is Clean Master? Clean Master is a Must Have cleaner app for android users. It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, unused files, privacy history and app packages on android phones. It also kills running tasks and re...
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Click:15607   Time:2014-09-29
Root... that magic word. Being root is nothing but having superuser access to your device. The range of actions you can perform with such administrator permissions is just huge and this isn't the place where to list all of them. However, one...
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Click:7553   Time:2014-07-18
Turn your phone into the best mirror, with zoom and exposure controls! Do you need to check your look or maybe put your contact lens, and you don't have a mirror? Now with Mirror in your phone, you won't need it anymore! Mirror is the ...
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Optimize Master: Speed + space
Click:10250   Time:2013-09-25
Close idle app processes with a single tap and take back the processing power they're consuming so your phone is exclusively focused on the apps you want to run! You'll notice the difference right away on the handy CPU meter display. If ther...
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Streamzoo 2.7
Click:5139   Time:2012-09-16
Streamzoo is a free, fun and easy way to create and share beautiful photos that'll have your friends begging to know how you did it. There's a filter and border combination for your every mood, and with so many other awesome editing optio...
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