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Tap Fish
Click:3995   Time:2015-11-09
Tap Fish now on Android! Welcome to Tap Fish, you are only taps away from owning multiple aquariums, where you can decide what fish to grow, to sell, and to breed! Raise beautiful baby Clown Fish, feed them to see them grow, and decora...
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Big Win Baseball
Click:6249   Time:2015-11-02
HIGHLIGHTS ★ Full team and player customization allowing you to create your own fantasy team! ★ Open Bronze, Silver and Gold card packs to find new players, skill boosts to improve your team and collect other cards to stay at the top o...
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Shoot the Apple
Click:5439   Time:2015-08-18
Amazing physics game - shoot aliens to the apple! Alien is falling love with the apple. In each stage, apple is hidden behind obstacles. Alien needs your help, with the great power of the cannon, to reach the apple finally! How to play...
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Mortal Skies 2
Click:3093   Time:2015-08-10
Blast your way to freedom 1950, World War 2 never ended and German and Japanese forces have conspired to attack the free world. On your last mission you were captured and put in a prison camp. Now it's time for payback. Escape the pri...
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Temple Run
Click:37673   Time:2014-12-04
The addictive mega-hit Temple Run is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?! You've stolen the cursed idol from the temple, and now you have to run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monke...
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Rail Rush
Click:11388   Time:2014-05-26
How long can you travel inside the mine? Find out, by downloading Rail Rush NOW! Get ready for this epic adventure! Step into your cart and begin this mine exploring frenzy! Accelerate through these insanely fast rails while tilting and s...
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Punch Hero
Click:6418   Time:2014-01-23
Come swing your fists in this all-immersive mobile boxing game. Hone your jabs, hooks and uppercuts at the Training Center while accumulating special skills and power moves in the Skill Store. Presented in hilarious 3D, Punch Hero is addicti...
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Block Puzzle
Click:6172   Time:2013-09-25
New, Better And Improved. Block Puzzle is a fun puzzle game that's a cross between Tetris® and Tangrams. The rules of Block Puzzle are quite simple: drag Tetris®-like blocks around the screen to FIT them into the shaded region. The pieces ...
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Click:43327   Time:2013-09-13
Battle behemoths in a virus ravaged city! Can you survive the Death Dome? No one really remembers where it all started...but before long...it was everywhere. The “M” virus… Most people who showed symptoms were dead within days…...
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Cowboy Jed Free
Click:4702   Time:2012-11-13
After the alien invasion the whole population of a small town turned into evil zombies. Their hordes are spreading all over looking for fresh brains. Nothing can stop them. But there is one man a hero who can fight them. An extremely toug...
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Eagle Nest II:Revolution 1.07
Click:5692   Time:2012-10-18
Now comes Eagle Nest II. lots of blood and explosions. Use different powerful weapons to kill the enemy. features: . gun shop for different weapons. . 4 main levels. enjoy here with your best fit weapon . support get free coins to buy...
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Townsmen 1.0.5
Click:3753   Time:2012-10-13
From humble backwater to medieval metropolis - build the city of your dreams! Townsmen is back - and it’s bigger, better and cuter than ever before! Experience this all-new entry to the popular series of medieval city-building and econo...
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Air Penguin 1.0.4
Click:5369   Time:2012-10-11
Jump, fly and dodge through Antarctica. All you need to know is how to tilt. Jump, fly and dodge through Antarctica. Air Penguin is incredibly simple and highly addictive. All you need to know is how to tilt. Journey through the icy S...
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Lair Defense: Dungeon 1.2.5
Click:4570   Time:2012-10-09
Amazing strategic/arcade tower defense! Way back in ancient history, when humans and dragons live in peace, the human emperor once heard eating dragon eggs will make one live forever. Since then, the war between humans and dragons has beg...
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Cowboy vs Ninjas vs Aliens 1.0
Click:3425   Time:2012-10-09
★ TWIN-STICK SHOOTER Download this exciting twin-stick shooter: 15 upgradeable weapons, 8 enemies and unique scenarios! ★ CHUCK WEST Ninjas and Aliens are taking over the Wild West! Now, the lonely gunfighter known as Chuck West is ...
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