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iOS 7 Launcher

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  • Version 2.3
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The Best iPhone Theme Launcher is here.
Now your phone will look like iPhone!

Prank your friends with your own iPhone!
- Prefect iOS7 style animations
- Superb quality iOS 7 icons
- iOS 7 wallpaper to change
- Fast, Quick and low memory
- App folder
- Support Nexus 5

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  • iOS 7 Launcher
  • iOS 7 Launcher
  • iOS 7 Launcher
  • iOS 7 Launcher
  • iOS 7 Launcher
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Download : iOS 7 Launcher V 2.3

Theme Size: 1.2 MB Free
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Changelog for iOS 7 Launcher
  • New New version 2.3 released on Mar 07,2014
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