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Ultra light dodol theme - iOS7

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Apple style incorporated into Android - introducing Ultra light Dodol Theme!

Sleek and neat. Sentimental icon beyond just OS.
+_+ The standard of simplicity! The best of simplicity ~ Recharge your sentiment with Ultra light theme ~~ :)

* Apply the theme to transform your background screen, icon and launcher widget! :D

* How to apply a theme

- Install Dodol Launcher (if you haven't yet).
- Press the home button and set the Dodol Launcher as the default home launcher by selecting [Use as default value for this task] or [Always].
- Open the launcher menu by swiping the home screen upwards, select the [Theme] menu, then select and apply the theme of your choice.

** Precaution

- Is available only in Android ver. 4.0.2 and above (ICS, Jellybean)
- Some functions cannot be applied in certain devices.

* Customer Support


* Why Dodol Launcher is so special

- Cute, simple, vibrant, sophisticated, cuddly and warm themes are continuously updated
- The default widget offers convenient functions, including quick switch and memory cleaner
- Apps/widget can be used easily with the dock and alert shortcut list
- Offers functions that can be used to decorate fonts/ringtones/keyboards
- Offers detailed functions for screen rotation/individual icons/folders etc...
- Supports functions in a convenient and stable manner by copying the home screen and creating backups of settings

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  • ios theme for android
  • ios theme for android
  • ios theme for android
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Download : Ultra light dodol theme - iOS7 V 4.3

Theme Size: 1.0 MB Free
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Changelog for Ultra light dodol theme - iOS7
  • New New version 4.3 released on Jan 07,2014
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